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Bardic Madness celebrates its return to Live and In Person with a theme of “The Merry Month of May”.

Come and fill your cup with a new level of foolishness!

May 6, 2023

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
6205 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53705


We have the feast menu and it's amazing! Preregistration deadline is April 29!

What is Bardic Madness?

Bardic Madness is an event where Bards of all flavors and those who enjoy the Bardic Arts come together for a day devoted to song, story, and poem.

Throughout the day, Challenges are offered and each person who would like to contribute a piece to answer the prompt in that challenge signs up for a performance slot.

The Provost is the event's Mistress of Ceremonies - she creates the challenges, announces them before the event (so people have time to plan, scheme, and compose!), and solicits patrons for the challenges.

Patrons are people who volunteer to be the host of each challenge. They introduce the challenge, call the names of the people who have requested to perform, and provide a small thank-you gift for each participant.

Even if you are not inclined toward performance yourself, performers need audiences, so do join us to appreciate these talented gentles!

Challenges will be arranged into four rounds, called Fyts, with breaks for classes, lunch, and fellowship between them, and a tasty feast during the fourth Fyt.

Mosque Lamp, Turkey, Iznik, Ottoman period (1299–1922)
Cleveland Museum of Art