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Class Period I (11 AM - noon)

A Bardic Primer - Thomas Bordeaux

“You’re only as good as your next performance.” If it will be your first, how to be ready. If you have performed before, how to be better each time.

Don't Fear the Sestina! - THL Freydís in tryggva Sigurðardóttir

Dating from the 12th century or so, this poetic form is a bit trickier to write than a sonnet, but lots of fun. There are a couple possible approaches to getting started. Participants will come away with at least the beginnings of a Sestina, with the possibility of sharing their creations later in the day.

Class Period II (3 - 4 PM)

The Power of Failure - Xarles of Constantinople (Caid)

Developing the mindset and tools for turning the inevitable into an asset.

Portuguese Music - High and Low Together - Jose São Pacian

We will trace the path of Portuguese Coimbra Song and the trovadorismo. We will observe some works derived from trovadorismo, explore why extant music notation no longer exists, and generally learn more about a unique blend of folk and courtly music.


Hand-coloured woodcut, c1586 France
The British Museum