Scroll 52: Rotational Geometry

At Pennsic this year I learned how to do a Middle Eastern technique called rotational geometry. Doing a relatively simple bit of art inside one pie shaped wedge results in a very complex looking pattern. Super cool. Even cooler, applying that wedge differently by flipping it over every other rotation gives it a different feel.

Guess what I used as inspiration for my next scroll assignment? I decided to give it a rainbow coloration starting with red at the center.

After adding the gold, it needed a bit more punch so I filled in with black and white. Overall, I’m very pleased with this first effort.

Materials: 5″x7″ pergamenata, ruler, Ames lettering guide, pencil, eraser, 01 micron pen, pigments from Eva’s collection, Finetec gold paint, Princeton heritage 2/0 round paint brush, Speedball Super Black ink, dip pen