Scroll 23: Compass

For this scroll, I decided to try something that was mostly art. Combining a compass with the Northshield Compass Rose seemed the perfect fit. It also provided an opportunity to try writing in something other than a straight line. After inking the outlines, I put the words down next because I didn’t want to try laying ink over gouache paint. That made adding the white layer around the words rather challenging, requiring a good amount of patience to apply cleanly. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, but neglected to suggest a position for the wax seal when I handed it over. So, rather than affix it dead center or in one of the lower quadrants at the biggest part of the triangle, they put it at the bottom, probably thinking to balance the compass at the top. The unfortunate result of this choice means that it will make framing it more difficult. Oops.

I used Photoshop to warp the photo on the left so it appears straight on.

Materials: Printer, light table, 8″x8″ pergamenata, ruler, pencil, eraser, micron pen, Speedball Super Black ink, dip pen, gouache, gold paint