Scroll 11: Wood Burning

Having recently filled my garage with a bunch of reclaimed cherry wood, I decided to try a wood burned scroll. After selecting a board and cutting it to length, I printed off the design elements to make sure they would fit correctly. I had to reprint the transfer templates since I’d forgotten to print them backwards so that they would end up facing the correct way after transfer.

I set the wood burning tool on the low side of medium and, using the flat head on the burning tool, transferred the toner from the printed images onto the wood. When the heat was too high, it scorched the back of the paper and made peeling it up more difficult, leaving little bits of paper stuck to the toner on the wood.

Then I switched out the flat head for a narrow point and got to work.

Since it was kind of hard to see from a distance, I went over the channels with a black ink wash, then did the calligraphy to finish it off.

Not too shabby for a first effort, especially since burning around the knot at the top was tricky because the tool kept wanting to skip over the grain.

Materials: Reclaimed cherry wood, printed templates, wood burning tool, cartridge ink fountain pen