Heavy the Crown

My muse is capricious, at best. There is an idea for a song that I have been trying to write for the better part of a year now and she just isn’t having it. In fact, she’s ignored me completely of late until yesterday at Bardic Madness XXV. Right before a class about three song sets, the ONE class I had planned to attend, she descended. Because of course she did. Settling down to write instead, I soon realized that all she’d given me were three words: Heavy the Crown. Typical. Her favorite game is to see how little she can give me and still make me do stuff. At least the melody came easily.

This song is dedicated to all the peers and folks in fancy hats.

Audio (m4a)

Heavy the Crown that takes the field
to lead the charge with sword and shield
to prove with flesh and win the day
to guide the troops and light the way

Where you lead we follow
What you teach we learn
Northshield stars you light the way
and in our hearts you burn

Heavy the Crown that sits the throne
to mete out justice for our own
with duty bound to kingdom strong
to guide the folk and teach the young


Heavy the Crown that walks the land
connecting people hand in hand
to share the tales of kingdom lore
to honor those who came before


Heavy the Crown that leads the way
to bring us all a brighter day
with humble thanks for all you do
we do believe because of you

Northshield stars you light the way
and in our hearts you burn