Scroll Seven: Collaboration

The beautifully detailed illumination for this scroll was done by Clydwyn Gwehydd. He didn’t like doing calligraphy though and asked me to step in since I have a neat hand. This was my first time touching a kingdom level scroll and also my first experience with pergamenata. Holy buckets, was it amazing! I was terrified of messing up the scroll, but Clydwyn assured me that perg is much more forgiving than paper and I could scrape off the ink and do it again if I made a mistake. To maximize my chances of success, I stuck to the one hand I knew well, my trusty Chancery Italic. True to his word, when I made a mistake on the very first letter (?!), I was able to gently scrape it away and correct it.

This scroll was also my first time doing rhyming text, in an attempt to inject some bardic skills into the endeavor. Overall, it went very well except that I accidentally signed the scroll for Their Majesties. Oops.

Materials: Pergamenata, ruler, pencil, eraser, Ames lettering guide, cartridge ink fountain pen, surgical blade