Second Scroll: 13th Century Armenian

The Order of the Zephyrus is a baronial award given to newcomers. The order did not have a badge yet when I did this scroll. The recipient, as is often the case with newcomers, had not yet developed a persona either, so I essentially had nothing to start with but the words. Wanting to do something different from the scrolls I typically saw, I chose 13th century Armenian and combined Uncial capitals with lower case Chancery Italic.

The horn gave me an opportunity to try a small bit of shading without risking the whole scroll. If I had it to do over again, I would rest the horn on the top border to connect the two pieces. As it was though, the top section was my favorite part. I got lucky with the shading on the horn. Also, birds are hard.

Materials: 9″x12″ Bristol cut to 9″x11″, ruler, pencil, eraser, Ames lettering guide, cartridge ink fountain pen, Winsor and Newton gouache, gold paint