She Welcomes You In

This song was written for the Rose Rises II 2013 bardic challenge at feast:  To Honour A Friend. The challenge was to either present something (song, poem, story, etc.) done by a friend in honor of that person, or write something about a person you wish to honor.

A little over a year ago, I got a wild hair at work one day and, with nothing to do that evening, decided I wanted to learn something new. Though I had dabbled in the SCA some 20 years ago in college, it didn’t really take and so it was with some surprise that I found myself looking up the local barony to see what it had to offer. As it happened, fletching was on the calendar for that evening. Making arrows sounds fun! I’ll do that. And so I arrived on Jois Corbet’s doorstep at the appointed time. She welcomed me into her home, took me under her wing, and re-introduced me to the known world where I have since made more friends in a shorter span of time than I thought possible.

Audio (m4a)

She welcomes you in
With a kind word
She has a lair
Haven’t your heard?
Her play things
Truth to be told
Are varied and many
A sight to behold

Rejoice, it’s Jois!
Our Lady Kind
Sharing the dream
Hand, heart, and mind

She’ll offer you food
She’ll offer you drink
Whatever you need
Including the sink
Her cobbler
If I may be bold
Will disappear long
Before it gets cold


She’s driven to learn
With practical bent
The skills of the past
And where they all went
Such wonders!
But take caution please
Or you will find
That you’ve caught this disease


She’ll teach you to fletch
She’ll teach you to sew
She’ll teach you to shoot
And teach you to throw
But safely!
So you can grow old
Or she’ll come back for you
When she’s paroled


She’s modest and fair
And joyous, too!
Wherever you lead
We’ll follow you
Your service
Is greater than gold
After this Lady
They broke the mold.