If You Want To Learn (Ministrare)

The second song of the triptych followed hot on the heels of the first. Unfortunately, I happened to be binge watching Galavant at the time, so it accidentally turned into a show tune. It being a song about teaching, I decided SUN (Stellar University Northshield) was the perfect time to unveil it and, as it made people laugh, I rescind any apologies I was otherwise preparing to make about its total disregard for period style.

If you want to learn, well I’ve got skills to burn, Ministrare
I’ll conduct a class on beads in lampwork glass today
But be wary as you play, lest your eyebrows burn away
Though it might have been the fashion of the day

Oh, how I love to fill your brain
It’s like singing in the rain
Teaching is the thing I most adore!

If you really care, I’ve got the time to spare, Ministrare
Sit down and I’ll opine on technique broad and fine today
Here’s some parchment, ink, and pen, just don’t lick your fingers then
You won’t die of pigment poisoning my friend


If you prefer to swing then step into my ring, Ministrare
I’ll train you ’til you’re sore and you’ll come back for more today
Build your kit with blades and shields and I’ll get you on the fields
But to haul your gear you’ll need some bigger wheels



When you want something new I’ve got the thing for you, Ministrare
The fastest way to learn is teaching, feel the burn today
Share your knowledge and your skill and I guarantee you will
Help a fellow learning junkie get a thrill


So here comes my big ending
With these hands extending
I invite you to come share your lore