Drumming for Dancers / Dancing for Drummers

A couple of years ago I put together some handouts for a two part class on Middle Eastern drumming and dance. Both parts are meant to be taken by both drummers and dancers. The goal is to foster better communication between drummers and dancers to make performing more fun for all. The handouts are linked below.

Drumming for Dancers (part 1) – by Arwa al-Jinniyya (Jennifer Siegel) and Charles Thomas (Director and Lead Drummer of Twisted Gypsy and of The Rhythm Caravan)

Drummers! Learn how to handle your drum and care for your hands. Build a basic library of rhythms.

Dancers! Learn how to recognize and ask for different rhythms so you don’t end up dancing to three hours of Beledi.

Dancing for Drummers (part 2) – by Arwa al-Jinniyya (Jennifer Siegel)

Dancers! Build a repertoire of dance moves and cues and learn to communicate with drummers and other dancers!

Drummers! Build on what you learned in Drumming for Dancers by interacting with the dancers!